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Object-Oriented Programming Notes

Object-Oriented Programming
This course introduces students to modern object-oriented programming techniques. Through the design and implementation of computer programs in Java, students will develop an understanding and appreciation of OOP methodology, and learn how to design and implement significant computer programs.
Text Books:-The textbook for COMP363 Object Oriented Programming during the Fall 1999 semester is:

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java by C. Thomas Wu, McGraw Hill, 1999, ISBN 0256254621

Instructions for running Java programs Instructions for using Swing classes Locations for acquiring JDK 1.2.2


View the online java tutorial. Programming assignment 1, lake level simulation Programming assignment 2, checkout line simulation Programming assignment 3, GUI programming Programming assignment 4, File Copy program


Software Engineering goals and strategies Notes on Arrays Notes on Strings Notes on Exceptions Notes on Inheritance Notes on Swing classes Notes on Java Threads Notes of File I/O Notes on Packages and Import Tutorial on XML

Sample Java Programs

Example Swing GUI Example I/O program

Hello World application Hello World application with javabook Hello World applet source run Hello World applet

Hello World combination application and applet

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