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Solid Mechanics

Solid Mechanics

As taught in: Fall 2004




Prof. Louis Bucciarelli

Cantileverd beam.
Illustration of a cantilevered beam by Galileo. (Image adapted by Professor Louis Bucciarelli.)

Course Highlights

This course features an online version of the textbook for the course (Engineering Mechanics for Structures, written by Professor Louis L. Bucciarelli) in the readingssection. This course also has virtually all of its materials online, including real toolsand data, interactive exercises, and design exercises in the assignments section.

Course Description

1.050 is a sophomore-level engineering mechanics course, commonly labelled "Statics and Strength of Materials" or "Solid Mechanics I." This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and methods of structural mechanics. Topics covered include: static equilibrium, force resultants, support conditions, analysis of determinate planar structures (beams, trusses, frames), stresses and strains in structural elements, states of stress (shear, bending, torsion), statically indeterminate systems, displacements and deformations, introduction to matrix methods, elastic stability, and approximate methods. Design exercises are used to encourage creative student initiative and systems thinking.


The aim is to introduce students to the fundamental concepts and principles applied by engineers - whether civil, mechanical, aeronautical, etc. - in the design of structures of all sorts of sizes and purpose. We build upon the mathematics and physics courses of the freshman year, extending Newtonian Mechanics to address and understand the elastic behavior of trusses and frames, beams and cylinders. We aim also to engage students in the formulation and resolution of open-ended, design-type exercises, thereby bridging the divide between scientific theory and engineering practice.


Bucciarelli, Louis. Engineering Mechanics for Structures, Fall 2002. (The full text is published in the readings section.)

Also required: Mead Quad Composition notebook.

Other Resources

Amazon logo Crandall, S., N. Dahl, and T. Lardner. An Intro. to the Mechanics of Solids. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 1978. ISBN: 0070134367.

Amazon logo Gere, James. Mechanics of Materials. 6th ed. New York, NY: Thomson Engineering Publishing, 2003. ISBN: 0534417930.

Lecture Notes

Each lecture includes a series of in class exercises that address the topic of the day. Those are included here.

Week 1Lec 1IntroductionIn Class Exercise 1 (PDF)
Lab 0Use of Spreadsheet
Lec 2Concept of ForceIn Class Exercise 2 (PDF)
Week 2Lec 3Concept of MomentIn Class Exercise 3 (PDF)
Lab 1
Lec 4Static Equilibrium RequirementsIn Class Exercise 4 (PDF) In Class Exercise 4A (PDF)
Lab 2Design Exercise 1
Lec 5Truss StructuresIn Class Exercise 5 (PDF)
Week 3Lec 6In Class Exercise 6 (PDF)
Lab 3
Lec 7Beam StructuresIn Class Exercise 7 (PDF)
Lab 4
Lec 8In Class Exercise 8 (PDF)
Week 4Lec 9Design Exercise 2In Class Exercise 9 (PDF)
Lab 5Torsion of Circular Shafts
Lec 10In Class Exercise 10 (PDF)
Lab 6Thin Cylinder Under Pressure
Lec 11Concept of StressIn Class Exercise 11 (PDF)
Week 5Lec 12In Class Exercise 12 (PDF)
Lab 7Stress Component Transformation
Lec 13In Class Exercise 13 (PDF)
Lab 8Stress Fields
Quiz 1Quiz 1
Week 6Lab 9Indeterminate Systems
Lec 14Compatibility of DeformationIn Class Exercise 14 (PDF)
Lec 15In Class Exercise 15 (PDF)
Week 7Lec 16Truss Matrix AnalysisIn Class Exercise 16 (PDF)
Lab 10
Lec 17Design Exercise 3In Class Exercise 17 (PDF)
Lab 11Concept of Strain
Lec 18Strain Component TransformationIn Class Exercise 18 (PDF)
Week 8Lec 19In Class Exercise 19 (PDF)
Lab 12Material Properties / Stress-Strain Relationship
Lec 20In Class Exercise 20 (PDF)
Lab 13Modes of Failure
Lec 21Stress / Deflections Shafts in TorsionIn Class Exercise 21 (PDF)
Week 9Lec 22Design Exercise 4In Class Exercise 22 (PDF)
Lab 14Stresses - Beams in Bending
Lec 23In Class Exercise 23 (PDF)
Lab 15
Lec 24Shear Stresses in BeamsIn Class Exercise 24 (PDF)
Week 10Lec 25In Class Exercise 25 (PDF)
Quiz 2Quiz 2
Lec 26Stresses in Composite BeamsIn Class Exercise 26 (PDF)
Week 11Lec 27Design Exercise 5
Lab 16
Lec 28Deflections Due to Bending
Lab 17
Lec 29
Week 12Lec 30
Lab 18Buckling of Beams
Lec 31
Week 13Lec 32Design Exercise 6
Lab 19
Lec 33
Lab 20
Week 14Lec 34Frame Matrix Analysis
Lec 35Some Special Methods

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