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Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction
Spring Semester, Session 2007 - 2008
School of Information Technology
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

  1. Course Overview
  2. Introduction to HCI
  3. A Brief History of HCI
  4. User Interface Design
    • Models
    • Principles
    • Practices
  5. Direct Manipulation
    • Overview
    • Scope
    • Applications
  6. Cognitive Framework of HCI
  7. Perception & Representation
  8. Attention and Interface Design
  9. Memory in Interface Design
  10. Knowledge Representation
  11. User Modeling
  12. Interaction with Natural Languages
  13. Next Generation Interface
  14. UI Evaluation:
    • Introduction
    • Cognitive Walkthrough
  15. Heuristic Evaluation
  16. Evaluation with Cognitive Models
  17. Evaluation with Users
  18. Model-based Evaluation

DateLecture #TopicReferences
16/01/0801Course Overview[Slides]
17/01/0802Introduction to HCI[Slides]
18/01/0803Introduction to HCI (Contd..)
24/01/0804A Survey of HCI Technology[Slides]
30/01/0805User Interface Design: Part A[Slides]
06/02/0806User Interface Design: Part B[Slides]
07/02/0807Direct Manipulation: Part A[Slides]
13/02/0808Direct Manipulation: Part B[Slides]
14/02/0809Direct Manipulation: Part C[Slides]
05/03/0810Cognitive Framework in HCI[Slides]
06/03/0812Cognitive Framework in HCI (Contd..)[Slides]
07/03/0813Visual Perception: Part A[Slides]
08/03/0814Visual Perception: Part B[Slides]
12/03/0815Memory in HCI[Slides]
13/03/0816Attention in HCI[Slides]
19.03.0817Knowledge Mental Model[Slides]
20.03.0818Cognitive Models[Slides]
26.03.0819Other Models[Slides]
02.04.0820Soft Keyboard Design[Slides]
03.04.0821Soft Keyboard Design (Contd..)
09.04.0822Visual Search Time Modeling[Slides]
16.04.0823User Interface Evaluation: Introduction[Slides]
17.04.0824Cognitive Walkthrough[Slides]
18.04.0825Heuristic Evaluation[Slides]
19.04.0826User Testing[Slides]