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Advanced Operating Systems pdf Slides

Advanced Operating Systems


taught by Dr. Ken Williams

This course centers on operating systems for multi-processing environments: concurrent processes, mutual exclusion, job scheduling, memory, storage hierarchy, file systems, security, and distributed processing. Also discussed are virtual resource management strategies.

Text Book:

The fall 2008 textbook for COMP755 Advanced Operating Systems is

Operating System Concepts with Java, Seventh Edition, by Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, Wiley, 2007, ISBN: 9780471769071

PDF slides:

Overview of Operating Systems

Historical Development of Operating Systems

Overview of Computer Hardware

Operating System Structure




Mutual Exclusion

Concurrent Programming Constructs



System Performance

Slides on System Performance

Queuing Theory

Slides on Queuing Theory

Virtual Memory

More on Virtual Memory

Virtual Memory Address Translation

File Systems

I/O Hardware

I/O Management

Distributed File systems

Slides on Security

Object Security

Performance Analysis Example

Network Layers

Examples of concurrent programming

Concurrent Program outlines

Producer/Consumer using POSIX threads Producer/Consumer using Java threads

Java implementation of semaphores

makemem source

random number generator source random number.h

Sun Documentation on Java

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