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Computer Systems Architecture ppt pdf

Computer Systems Architecture

Course Textbook:
Supplemental (optional): Hennessy & Patterson, Computer Architecture A Quantitative Approach , 3rd Edition.
Course Objectives:
In this course, you will learn about the basic principles and current practices of computer architectures and organizations. At the end of this course, you will understand how computers are organized and what influences have determined the architectures of processors, memory systems, and input/output systems. You will learn how to evaluate and improve computer system performance through analysis and computer simulation. You will also learn the fundamentals of pipelining, caches, and virtual memory.

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[   ] Lecture_1.pdf 24-Jan-2007 14:07 958K
[   ] Lecture_1.ppt 24-Jan-2007 14:07 7.0M
[   ] Lecture_2.pdf 24-Jan-2007 14:07 535K
[   ] Lecture_2.ppt 24-Jan-2007 14:07 397K
[   ] Lecture_3.pdf 24-Jan-2007 14:07 50K
[   ] Lecture_3.ppt 24-Jan-2007 14:07 85K
[   ] Lecture_5.pdf 05-Feb-2007 14:06 350K
[   ] Lecture_5.ppt 05-Feb-2007 14:06 152K
[   ] Lecture_7.pdf 12-Feb-2007 11:58 64K
[   ] Lecture_7.ppt 12-Feb-2007 11:50 247K
[   ] Lecture_8.pdf 20-Feb-2007 09:32 110K
[   ] Lecture_8.ppt 20-Feb-2007 09:11 251K
[   ] Lecture_9.pdf 20-Feb-2007 09:31 74K
[   ] Lecture_9.ppt 20-Feb-2007 09:11 336K
[   ] Lecture_10.pdf 21-Feb-2007 09:07 52K
[   ] Lecture_10.ppt 21-Feb-2007 09:05 274K
[   ] Lecture_12.pdf 19-Mar-2007 09:58 32K
[   ] Lecture_12.ppt 19-Mar-2007 09:56 116K
[   ] Lecture_14.pdf 19-Mar-2007 09:59 44K
[   ] Lecture_14.ppt 19-Mar-2007 09:49 159K
[   ] Lecture_15.pdf 19-Mar-2007 09:59 46K
[   ] Lecture_15.ppt 19-Mar-2007 09:57 142K
[   ] Lecture_18.pdf 02-Apr-2007 16:07 69K
[   ] Lecture_18.ppt 02-Apr-2007 16:37 202K
[   ] Lecture_19.pdf 02-Apr-2007 16:37 434K
[   ] Lecture_19.ppt 02-Apr-2007 16:05 281K
[   ] alpha.pdf 23-Apr-2007 14:56 164K
[   ] critical_path.pdf 20-Dec-2006 12:38 175K
[   ] two_level_branch_pre..> 20-Dec-2006 12:38 1.1M

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