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File Structures pdf

File Structures
Course Overview:

The Course will cover the following materials: File concepts, basic file operations, physical file organization and compression techniques, sequential file structures, hashing and direct organization structures, indexed structures, list file structures (inverted, multi-key, ect.), tree structures (B trees, B+ trees,... etc.), external sorting techniques, searching techniques.
Course Objectives:
· Provide a solid introduction to the topic of file structure design.
· Discuss, in detail, the data structures necessary for achieving its efficiency objectives.
· Introducing techniques for organization and manipulation of data in secondary storage including the low level aspects of file manipulation which include basic file operations, secondary storage devices and system software.
· Introducing the most important high-level file structures tools which include indexing, co-sequential processing, B trees, Hashing.
· Applying the techniques in the design of C++ programs for solving various file management problems.
Learning Outcomes:
After completing this course, the student should demonstrate the knowledge and ability to:
Explain the importance of file structures in the Data Storage and Manipulation.
Show how various kind of secondary storage devices to store data.
Show how the File Structure approach differs from the data base approach.
Know the low level aspects of file manipulation.
Know the importance of data compression.
Know some of the high-level file structures tools and recognize the difference between various indexing techniques.
Implement some of the learned techniques and concepts using C++ for solving various file management problems.
Teaching Methods:
The course will be based on the following teaching and learning activities:
Lectures covering the theoretical part using both Power Point presentations and White board.
Visit some websites that provide animation for some of the techniques presented in the course.
Review questions and class discussion.
Programming assignments.
Using the Internet to find the recent information related to the course.

Teaching Resources:
Main Text Book
File Structures, an Object Oriented Approach with C++, M.J.Folk, B. Zoellick and G.Riccardi, Addison-Wesley, 1998.
Supplementary Books:
· Deitel and Deitel, C++ How to Program, 5th edition. Prentice Hall. 2006.

1 Chap. 1 & 2
2 Secondary Storage and System Software (Part I)
Chap. 3 (Begining of chapter to Section 3.5 (excluded))
3 Chap. 3 (Section 3.5 (included) to end of chapter)
4 Chap. 4, Chap. 5 & Chap. 6
5 Indexing Slide Viewer
Powerpoint File
Chap. 7
6 Cosequential Processing and the Sorting of Large Files Slide Viewer
Powerpoint File
Chap. 8
7 MidTerm Week (Review + Exam) Chaps. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
8 Multilevel Indexing and B Trees Slide Viewer
Powerpoint File
Chap. 9
9 Indexed Sequential File Access and Prefix B+ Trees Slide Viewer
Powerpoint File
Chap. 10
10 Hashing Slide Viewer
Powerpoint File
Chap. 11
11 Extendible Hashing
Chap. 12
12 Extendible Hashing; Final Review
Chap. 12; All Chapters


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