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Signals and Systems

ECE-314: Signals and Systems

Term: Fall 2009

Instructor: Balu Santhanam

Pre-requisites: ECE-213 and Math-264.

Course Abstract: Linear systems analysis, Signal spectra: Fourier series/transform AM/FM modulation and demodulation schemes; sampling theorem discrete-time signals; discrete-time Fourier series and transform elements of the Z-transform. Brief Introduction to MATLAB

Announcements :

o Information regarding the course, problem sessions, midterm dates, etc., will be posted here, please check often. o The room for the recitation section is ECE-210. The recitation section is on Friday from 11:00 - 12:15. o The meeting room for this class will be ECE-132 and not MECH-300 as listed on the schedule. Please make a note of this. o The problem/revieiw session for Midterm II will be held in Room 118, Wed, Dec 2, 3-5 PM.

Course Materials:

o Course Outline/Syllabus o MATLAB Primer

Classification of Signals and Systems

o Classification of Signals o Classification of Systems o Wikipedia: On the Geometric Progression o Example: LTI system o Knowledge Probe o Example: Classification of Systems

Convolution Theorem :

o Note on Impulse Response and Convolution o Note on the Scale and Reflection Systems o Note on the R-C voltage divider circuit o Causality and Stability Revisited o Evaluating the Convolution Integral o Example 1: convolution o Example 2: convolution o LTI Systems and Frequency Response o Example: convolution and stability

Fourier Series:

o Notes on the Inner Product o Fourier Series Expansion o Parseval's Theorem o Trigonometric Fourier Series o Fourier Series and LTI Systems o Sinusoidal Response of R-C circuit o Example: Fourier Series o Example: Half Wave Rectifier

Fourier Transform :

o Limiting form of Fourier Series o Continuous Time Fourier Transform o Fourier Transform of periodic signals o Parsevals Theorem o Notes on Operational Amplifiers o Design of Pole-Zero Combinaiton o Example: Convolution Theorem o On the Ideal LPF o Example: DTFT o DTFT tables o Laplace Transform Table

Sampling Theorem:

o Nyquist Sampling Theorem

On the Zee--Transform:

o Z-transform tables o Notes on the Zee--Transform


o Problem Set # 1.0 o Solutions to PS # 1.0 o Wavefile for PS # 1.0 o PS # 2.0: Complete problems 1.64 (b,d,h,i), 1.75, 1.77, 1.85 from the Haykin textbook, reading: Sec 1.8 of text book. Due back Sept 25, 2009. o Solutions to PS # 2.0 o Problem Set # 3.0 o Solutions to PS # 3.0 o Problem Set # 4.0 o Solutions to Problem Set # 4.0 o Problem Set # 5.0 o PS # 6.0: Complete problems 3.58(b,c,g), 3.59 (b,d,f), 3.60 (a,c,d), 3.61(a,c,d), 3.62(c,d,f), 3.68 (b,d), 3.70 (a,b,e), 3.73 (c,d,f), 3.74(b,c,d), 3.76 (a,b), 3.85, from the Haykin textbook, reading: Chapter 3.0 Due back : Nov. 24. . o Solutions to Problem Set # 6.0


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