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Internet Protocols

Internet Protocols 

Course Information:

Internet Protocols - Class Notes

Acknowledgement: Slides have been based in-part upon original slides/notes of a number of people, including:
Profs. Raj Jain (OSU), Jim Kurose (UMass), H. Balakrishnan (MIT), Srini Seshan (CMU), Ion Stoica, A. Joseph (UC Berkeley), Steven Low (Caltech), S. Keshav (Cornell), L. Peterson (Princeton);
Drs. Steve Deering (Cisco), Christian Huitema (Microsoft), Noel Chiappa (MIT), Tim Griffin (AT&T), and
NANOG presenters Dave Katz (Juniper), Abe Martey (Cisco)

The information technology revolution is just beginning ! The Internet cuts across the barriers of space and time enabling rich forms of communications, a virtual marketplace, integration of supply chains of manufacturers with front-end customer interfaces. It redefines the business model for virtually every business not to mention the incredible number of new businesses (startups) it has spawned. This course aims to prepare you to participate actively in this revolution. We will equip you with a knowledge not only about a broad range of Internet protocols that make it work, but also help you develop critical insight into their design, and a first hand feel for implementation through lab exercises.
Specifically, we will study internet protocols including transport (TCP, UDP), network (IP, IPng), routing (RIP, OSPF), network management (SNMP, SNMPv2, RMON), and other important protocols like ARP, ICMP, DNS, BOOTP, DHCP and HTTP. Advanced topics like Mobile IP, QoS architecture for the Internet (Int-serv, Diff-serv, RTP, RSVP), IP multicast (IGMP, MBONE, Multicast Routing) and Network security (IPSEC and firewalls) will also be covered.


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